Differences Between Smart TV and Android TV

Differences Between Smart TV and Android TV

Today everything around us is related to the high-level technology. The world is changing and you must choose to change it to enjoy life to the fullest. In this article, we will teach you how to choose a Smart TV and why to go for it over Android TV that accommodates the fast pace life of yours. A TV which will have the ability to do it all to boost your life. Furthermore market today is filled with variety of TVs with plenty of specifications. Here we will discuss about the differences between Smart TV and Android TV.

What is a smart TV?

What is Smart TV

A TV set that will change the definition of enjoying TVs. A dream for every tech addict this TV must find a place in your modern home.Smart TV’s are those television sets which helps a user to connect his/her TV to the internet connection and access the services of social networking, streaming videos or just enjoying the different options that the web provides on your television screen.

In today’s world, you can connect your smart TV to other kits which are present in your home like that of your tablet or smartphone. Watch your favourite videos on YouTube or maybe share and watch those family photos on a larger screen?

What can you do with a smart TV?

Smart TVs help you browse the internet and enjoy the services provided by different apps. It varies from one smart TV to another, model and size of the smart TV. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Skype can easily be connected to your smart TV. You will even be able to connect with others via video calls for high-end smart TVs have a webcam on it.

Apart from all these features, you will have the option of accessing the services of video on demand. Watch trailers of the upcoming movies, videos of different music albums or just sit with a bucket of popcorn and watch those great shows on Netflix. Your subscription will decide the kind of shows, movies you’ll be able to watch on your smart TV. There are many apps that come pre-installed on your smart TV and you can enjoy sports on BBC, watch the news, connect to Spotify or iPlayer.

What is Android TV?


What is Android TV

Launched as many as three years ago. Android TV is another boon to the world of technology. A dream for every TV addict. Use Google to search anything you like on your TV set with the touch of your hand. Too lazy to get up? Command your TV and get all your work done with the help of your voice as Google voice search is available too.

What does an Android TV do?

It works on the software of your mobile phones that is Android based. Browse through the Android TV using the different devices available for streaming. The feature of Android TV is to assist its viewers on watching different contents with the help of a few keywords only. Viewers can search for something specific or anything in general by using Google Now style.

Watch shows or play games on it. The choice is yours. Google Play store and Netflix are the options your Android TV will give you to choose from. Most people prefer watching YouTube and Netflix. On the other hand, some people like to play games on it using different controllers of Bluetooth devices.

What are the differences between Smart TV and Android TV?

After telling you about both the TV’s we will talk about how they vary from each other in so many ways and help you make a decision that is based on the knowledge of an expert.

Differences Between Smart TV and Android TV

The uses of smart TV are quite too many, it has the ability to take the experience of watching TV to a whole new level. Viewers can browse straight Netflix or other pre-installed apps on a smart TV. Smart TV’s have the option to be connected to the internet. Use only one remote to browse through all the options on your TV. One package will suffice all of it whereas an Android TV is like a mini version of a computer which in turn has to be plugged into the TV set of yours only then can you enjoy the contents online. Running on only Android devices this TV is for those who know how to operate Android interface and doesn’t work with iOS devices.

Buying an Android TV means you will have to buy another flat screen with it to enjoy the pleasures of watching TV. Smart TV is the smartest choice one can make. You will not need any other device to enjoy YouTube, Netflix, Facebook or other social networking sites. A Smart TV can do all that a viewer wants it to do.

Should you spend your hard earned money on a Smart TV?

Absolutely. To enjoy life to the fullest, it is necessary to make the right choices and choosing technology is the best way to do so. With the availability to browse through a wide number of online services for streaming this is the best choice. Forget ordinary TV shows and indulge something far more better. Besides, high quality content on Smart TV is the reason why you bought a Smart TV in the first place.

It offers a plethora of services and not just watching high-quality content. The option to browse through different apps and enjoy a few of them which are pre-installed is definitely something one must consider.

Unlike Android TVs needing another device to connect it to the TV in this case you just need a smart TV that is good enough.

What to consider before buying a smart TV?

After reaching the verdict that smart TVs are by far the best choice for any home, we will now help you through the process of choosing a smart TV. You need someone to guide you through the process that leads to sheer happiness and we shall do that for you. This is how you can choose the best work of art smart TV sets.

The Resolution your smart TV is providing.

You will want to choose a smart TV that has more number of pixels to provide you with a better resolution. Choose a smart TV with 3840 * 2160 pixels. At the same time the size of the TV matters. Moreover. pick a TV that is above 40 inches in size for 4K resolution or else the high-definition resolution of the TV won’t matter.

The technology used in the display of the Smart TV.

What is the Smart TV using? The display option of LCD/LED or the more expensive and better quality OLED. Although with the improvements in every field LCD/LED displays are no less than the OLED ones. You must make you tally both the display option and pick the one that is better.

The software used in the Smart TV.

To enjoy the benefits of Smart TV one must consider the software that the TV has. Almost all kinds of Smart TVs offer more or less the same features. The option of sticking a dongle to your smart TV or any other form of device that will provide faster and better browsing of apps is also available in almost every smart TV.

The technology available to improve the picture quality.

Does the smart TV offer you with the option of enhancing the quality of the display? The detail on your screen can be brought out even in the dark when it has HDR or the high dynamic range. You have to also consider how many times the screen of the smart TV is refreshing. The more the better.

The quality of sound.

Television sets are the best of two worlds. Watching high-resolution content with superior standards of audio is what you want. Create an atmosphere of high-quality sound with Dolby Atmos in your living room.

Choose the best of everything.

If you’re investing in a smart TV, then make sure it has the approval seal on it. The industry of UHD gives certain certification regarding the color quality, pixel numbers, audio and the presence of software. Keep all this in mind before you choose of your TV.

The purpose of Smart TV should be served.

TV experience will no longer be the same after you buy a Smart TV. Make sure it serves the purpose and doesn’t deter from that.

Your budget.

It is not always necessary to buy a TV that costs a bucket-load of money. You can even buy something that comfortably fits your budget. Doing the needed research can help you choose a smart TV at great prices. Another criteria to look for is the warranty period of the Smart TV. Compare different smart TVs and make a wise decision.

Your living room, bedroom or any other room needs the presence of a smart TV. Smart TVs will change the viewing experience for anyone. Upgrade the viewing experience by buying a smart TV that has the ability to do everything.